EDSS 555 SDAIE Strategy

I have very little practice using SDAIE strategies myself, but there was one from the SIOP book that I really liked.  The book talks about the importance of clearly defined and understood objectives using student-friendly language.  This strategy is important because students must know objectives in order to have a focus for a lesson.  The most important part of this is “student-friendly” language though.  Students must understand an objective for it to be effective.  Otherwise there is no use in stating class objectives.  This means that teachers must know the language level of students in their classes and write objectives accordingly.  Many students will not understand objectives that are written in the language of the California PE Framework, so it would do me no good to write objectives in such a way.  Also, after presenting the language in student-friendly language, the teacher should always check for understanding.  Just because a teacher thinks a student will understand the objective, it does not mean that the teacher can assume all students understand.

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EDSS 555 Injustice Picture

Last week, I was teaching a lesson on football in which we covered how to throw a football, catch a football, and some simple defensive tactics.  The problem was that we only had 15 footballs for a class of 45 students.  This is an injustice because we had to have some students play catch with volleyballs to practice their throwing and catching techniques.  Students do not have enough equipment to get adequate practice with the techniques during class.

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