EDSS 555 Blog Post #5

This semester, I have been surprised by the literacy levels of my students.  They are able to create goals for their personal fitness and write descriptive personal biographies.  They are mostly not able to create descriptive writing based on PE content.

Journal:  Sept 30, 2013

My literacy rich classroom has students creating written goals for daily physical activity.  Students are engaged in writing different ways to participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity outside of PE every day of the week.  They are reading an article from Health Magazine on how daily physical activity contributes to healthy living.

Journal:  Dec 15, 2013

My literacy rich classroom has students analyzing their original physical activity plans and reflecting on how they have performed regarding that plan this semester.  My students are engaged in writing their reflection and how they will continue or adjust their plan for the following semester.  Students are reading physical activity plans created by peers to collect ideas for their own plans.  Students are discussing different types of physical activity with their peers and writing a final physical activity plan for their next semester.

Journal:  May 30, 2014

My literacy rich classroom has pictures of student games posted around the room.  Students are engaged in reading and discussing the rules to student’s created sport or game.  They are capable of creating and reading instructions for understanding.  Students will have practiced by creating a unique game with a set of rules.  Students will then read a peer’s game rules and explain how the game is played to the class.

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