EDSS 555 Accurate Assessment

This is an example directly from one of my lesson designs that uses diagnostic assessment for a lesson on weightlifting:


1) Readiness Level:

-Rachel’s readiness for this lesson is appropriate.  I do not anticipate her having difficulty with the instructional language and partners and instructional sheets can help if there is any confusion.

2) Learning Profile:

-Rachel is an Early Advanced level English Learner, so the ELD Standard will be at the Advanced level.

3) Interests:

-Rachel enjoys socializing with friends and running


Listening & Speaking:

Advanced—Negotiate and initiate social conversations by questioning, restating, soliciting information, and paraphrasing the communication of others.


     A. Diagnostic/Entry Level

-Teachers will observe students performing the   lifts and check their technique to gauge understanding

Since this was the first day that students were introduced to these weightlifting exercises, the assessment was informal.  However, I was able to make my way around the class and observe students performing the exercises and ask them how to perform the exercises.  Through these conversations and observation, I was able to gauge students’ understanding of the exercises and the appropriate technique.

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